I have played Minecraft for over a decade now and spent thousands of hours on countless worlds and servers. I have had some of the most memorable gaming experiences of my life playing with friends throughout the years. I had even made private servers which me and my friends would play on for months or years at a time, but never had I made a public multiplayer server. That has now changed as I have spent months and many hours developing my first public server : WWBTR. WWBTR is my most ambitious project and combines nearly every unique or successful feature that I have experienced on both my previous, private servers, as well as various public ones. Not only this, but I have added new features that I felt inspired to create and add to the server. It would be nearly impossible to describe everything that this server has to offer, so here is a highly abbreviated list of the primary features and why I chose to add them.

Screenshot from the first private server I ever ran (after it was destroyed by copius amounts of spawned-in TNT)

Thank you for taking a look at our website and I sincerely hope you join us on WWBTR


I chose this option because one of my favorite things to do is explore and it can feel limiting to play on a server where there is only so much to explore. As a result, I chose to remove this limit and allow everyone to experience the billions of square kilometers that the game has to offer. Try not to get lost!

How anarchy is handled on the server is different than any other server. This can be explained by thinking of the server almost like an anarchy server and a traditional survival server combined. How is this accomplished? By having a two sets of worlds, each with their own rules. The build world is setup like a traditional survival world but with the ability to claim land to protect the blocks, storage containers, and entities. Along with the build world, there is a resource world where players can go to farm resources to use in their builds without destroying the landscape in the build world. In the resource world, you are unable to claim land and pvp is enabled, so tread with care! Finally, the anarchy world is separate and has no protections or rules of any kind (other than the general rules relating to purposely trying to lag the server and such). In this world you are free to build, destroy, hack, dupe, steal, and kill to your heart’s desire. Duping TNT shulkers to grief that cool base you just found is A OK here.


Protection (block and storage) – The build world allows players to claim land to protect their possessions. Not only are blocks protected, but so too are storage containers and entities. Of course, you can also choose to trust other players with the permission to access your claimed land if you want. Finally, you can also easily move, expand, or shrink the land you have claimed as needed with the mighty golden shovel.

Join various jobs such as Miner, Lumberack, Hunter, ect. to earn money and level up. As you level up, you will be rewarded with increasing amounts of money making remaining a member of that job valuable. This money can be used to trade with other players, buy items from auctions, and most importantly rankup. Keep in mind that you can leave jobs if you want to, just that you will lose some of the experience you have accumulated for that job which cannot be recovered, only re-earned.


Ranks are the primary way that you gain access to additional commands and abilities. There are 7 basic ranks (Scavenger to Citizen) and once you become a Citizen you can specialize. Specialization allows you to go down 1 of 3 paths (Combat, Trade, or Nobility) which provide more benefits such as specialization-specific tags, much higher claimblock limits, and a special set of tools for achieving the final rank.

What better way to distinguish yourself in the chat than with a cool or unique tag displayed before your username. These tags are most easily obtained by ranking up and specializing, but there are other ways to obtain much more special and rare tags – no spoilers!


Unlike vanilla Minecraft, players have the ability to mine and re-place mob spawners on WWBTR, that is, so long as you have attained the rank of Citizen or higher. This makes creating a spawner-based mob farm much easier and more efficient. The demand for spawners is always high, so players are also likely to pay good money for any spawner you are willing to part with.

WWBTR has a large varitey of custom enchantments available to apply to tools, weapons, and armor. The benefits range from something as simple as the ability to breathe underwater to giving you permanent Haste whenever holding the tool which has the Haste enchantment. Additionally, the maximum level for many of the vanilla Minecraft enchantments such as Efficiency or Sharpness have been increased allowing for the creation of far more powerful equipment. Note that your ability to create higher level enchanted tools is dependent on your rank, see the ranks for specifics.


Mostly just a fun little feature, you can play noteblock songs ingame wherever you are from the inventory of available songs ranging from Vida la Vida by Coldplay to Take On Me by A-ha. If you are feeling ambitious, you can even create your own songs to send to me to add to the collection, and get rewarded for doing so.

Gone are the days where you have to physically build in an area to create map art, now you can create art by simply painting a map. There are limitations to this, but they are minor when compared to the time saved not having to physically build to create art.

The online map is mostly just a cool way to observe the entire world in a pre-rendered online format which can make finding the perfect place to build your new base much easier. You can also use it to look at all the cool builds on the server without having to visit them ingame, or just stalk people playing on the server without them knowing, the choice is all yours! Note that the dynamic map is unavailable for the anarchy world for obvious reasons.

The server is connected to the Official WWBTR Discord server which allows for efficient communication outside of the ingame chat, the ability to read and interact with ingame chat without being on the server, management of support tickets, monitoring of the ingame auctions to see what items are being bought and sold, and many other features.